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Google Pixel 6 Pro – LOWER PRICES


Google Pixel 6 Pro – LOWER PRICES

So at this point, we know everything about Google’s next flagships the Pixel 6  and 6 Pro. We know its specifications, features, we also saw its hands-on videos.  But there’s one thing that’s still a mystery and it’s how much the handsets will cost. Well,  that changes today as we have the prices for both the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro and  it’s much lower than what everyone expected. These prices are coming from This Is Tech Today,  he’s the same person who leaked this hands-on video of the Pixel 6 Pro.

Apparently, he got  these prices from a European retailer which means these are the European prices. So with that said,  the Pixel 6 will cost €649 in Europe which is surprisingly low for a smartphone that  is supposed to have Google’s first high-end mobile processor. Plus, it’s only 20 Euros  higher than the Pixel 5 released last year which by the way had midrange hardware.

Anyway, the Pixel 6 Pro on the other hand will land you €899 in Europe  which is 250 Euros more than the standard variant, and rightfully so as the difference  between the two devices is significant. 120Hz QHD+ display, 4x telephoto camera, a bigger screen,  a bigger battery, and UWB chip are some of the hardware differences between the two devices.

Now if we compare these prices with Samsung’s latest flagship the Galaxy S21 Ultra which  costs around 1200 euros, the Pixel 6 Pro is looking like an ultra-affordable flagship phone  at least in Europe.

Because the prices in the United States are going to be higher than the  European prices judging from how Google has priced their phones in the past. I mean for example the Pixel 5 was priced at 629 Euros in Europe while  in the US it was priced at $799. And one of the contributing factors to this was the addition of  mmwave 5G bands to the US Pixel devices.

So it’s more than likely that Google could have  a similar arrangement of Pixel 6 models with and without mmWave this year which makes converting  these prices into the US dollars pretty hard but if I were to make an educated guess, the Pixel 6  should be $799 while the Pixel 6 Pro should be between $999 and $1049 in the United States.

Of course, we’ll know soon enough as Google will keep a launch event on October 19th.

Anyway, Google is known to keep cheeky names for the colors of their phones and  many were wondering if they are going do the same with the Pixel 6. Well, the retailer also  shared information about that as well. Google will call the black and green colorways on the Pixel 6  “carbon” and “fog,” respectively. Also, the Pixel 6 Pro weighs in at 210 grams,  making it the heaviest Pixel smartphone ever.

But it’s actually lighter than the  Galaxy S21 Ultra which weighs 228 grams. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is still one of the  heaviest phones around at 240 grams.

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