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iPhone 13 Pro Release Date and Price – The 13 Pro NEW Colors!


iPhone 13 Pro Release Date and Price – The 13 Pro NEW Colors!

So it’s not long now until thelaunch of the iphone 13 pro modelsreports are coming in quick and fast, but whatabout the 13 pro new colors for 2021. Well, todayI want to share what colors we are expecting. Onthe iphone 13 pro models. I also have the lateston the iphone 13 pro release date and pricewith, a summary of everything we know so far. Hi it’s Matt here so as mentioned, we are nowweeks away from the launch of the iphone 13pro models.

So for everyone who has seen my videosbefore, you should know what the format is so farfor everyone new, this video will be givingyou the latest leaks or reports firstfollowed by the release date and then asummary of the iphone 13 models with the pricesalso. As there’s the reports coming in now, forboth the iphone 13 and the 13 pro models. Theseleaks are split into two videos now, so we arenow in august – and it’s been a while since wwdcwe now have public betas for all of apple’s newos’s, including ios 15

Ios 15 is giving iphoneusers new facetime features and eye messagechanges, to name a few, however, expecting a fewmore software tweaks for the iphone 12s or theiphone 13, and for them to be married up, withthe new hardware put inside so let’s talkabout colours for the iphone 13 pro Modelsso, we’ve only had a few drips and droughts ofleaks about the iphone 13 pro colors. The mostnoticeable was from max weinbach, who has saidthat apple, will be making a matte black optionvery, similar to the samsung galaxy s21 models, andalso a new bronze color as well. This picture heregives you a rough idea what these two colors couldlook like, however, for other colors, nothing reallyelse has been said.

So we are presuming that wewill get the normal kind of white and silver colora graphite color, but this new bronze color mayreplace, the current gold that we have right, nowand apple may even swap out the pacificblue for the matte black color insteadi, for one would be really Disappointed with thismove with the pacific, blue, but apple, have inrecent years brought out a color or just one colorfor one year, just like they did with the iphone 11when. They brought out a midnight green and then itwas, replaced by pacific blue on the iphone 12 promodels. This also leads me on nicely to say thatall reports and leaks that are coming through arenot 100, proof that they will come true for thenew iphone. I can only present to you what i’vebeen told and shown. However, if you’re watchingthis video, then you are as curious as i am inknowing.

What is going to be said about the nextiphone anyway? So just quickly guys, this channelrecently hit over 200 000 subscribers, and we gaveaway this macbook pro that we have right here. Welli have some great news, and that is we’re going tobe giving away another macbook pro. And this one’sa bit more specked up over this one, this one has512 gigabytes of storage and also has 16 gigabytesof ram inside and i’m going to be giving away thismacbook pro here to one lucky subscriber when wehit over 230 000 subscribers. So all i want to knowfrom you guys in the comments below is: what applegear are you planning to buy in 2021 with the newiphones and the new macbooks and everything let meknow in the comments below also at the same timeas?

Well make sure you subscribe to this channeland also hit that notification bell, because whenwe hit that 230 000 figure of subscribers you wantto be notified. If you are going to be the luckysubscriber to get your hands on this macbook proalso at the same time as well, do check outmy other videos on this channel, including thevideo of when we got over 200 thousand subscribersand, who we gave away this macbook pro to as Wellso, that is the latest on leaks and also thegiveaway. So let’s do the release date. Nextso last year, due to the pandemic, it was reallythe. Only year we haven’t seen a flagship iphonereleased in september in the last five years.

Orso. However, with leaks flying around that applehas started production on the new iphoneearlier this year, it is likely we’ll get aseptember release. In fact, many reports are alreadyshowing that this is going to be the case in 2021with, an expected september or early october launchfor. All the iphone 13 models wed bush analyst danives believes that the iphone 13 range will beannounced during the third week of september. Timethat would be a little later than usual.

Sinceapple tends to launch iphones in the firstweek or second week of that month, but thisinformation does suggest that we may be seeingthe iphone 13 release date as september 24th. Ishould point out. This is a fairly good guess. Andit’S, based on taking i’s prediction at face, valueapple typically holds its iphone launch event ona tuesday with pre-orders, then starting on thatsame week on the friday, then after this, the firstwave of iphones typically arrive in customer handsthe following friday. After that, so this means ifives is correct.

We could be seeing the iphone 13launch on september 14th, then pre-orders, openingon september 17, and then the release of the iphone13 on september 24th. However, at the end of thisyear, we will also see other apple events for otherapple products like macbooks, ipads, apple watch, andairpods and loads. More and if you want the latestinformation about these products, do check out myother videos on this channel and make sure you hitthe subscribe button and the notification bell toget the latest info about them. So next, let’s talkabout the iphone 13 pro model prices and the bestway to do this is to give you a summary of whatwe know so far for all the models. Let’S startwith the summary of the iphone 13 pro as i saidmany, more leaks will come along and they’ll beadded to this list, so this was subject to changeas.

It were, but this is everything we know so farand. Also in all my other videos coming upin the future. For the iphone 13 pro modelsif there any kind of leaks that kind of link toany of the information. Here i will go over thoseleaks again, so, first of all the screen it will bea 6.1 inch screen.

Just like the iphone 12 pro andit will be an ltpo led display. This is a slightlydifferent kind of display that we have like insidethe, iphone 12, the iphone 11 and below that for anole display, but, like i said, other leaks are comingin to talk about that further. On in other videosbut, the resolution of this display is 2532 by 1170also. At the same time as well leaks are showingthat. We are most likely.

Finally, this year, goingto be getting a pro motion display and whatthat basically means in normal language is a 120hertz refresh rate display. So this basicallymeans that the display will refresh itself120 times per second and finally, the iphone 13pro would have caught up with kind of androidrivals. That also give this option right: nowfor storage, we get 128 gigabytes, 256 gigabyte512 gigabytes and for the first time, one terabyteof storage, as according to some new leakswe’re, also getting the a15 bionic againother leaks have talked about this andthe specifications behind this actual chipsetand. It also comes with 5g connectivity. Howeverapple will be borrowing a qualcomm 5g modem againjust like what they did in the iphone 12 modelsagain.

This iphone can be equipped with sixgigabytes of ram. Just like the iphone 12 pro andalso have a stainless steel body frame. What againis very similar to the design we’ve got on the 12pro but, as leaks have told us, the actual framewill be actually slightly thicker to accommodatea bigger battery. What i’ll get on to in a momenton the rear. We will have a triple camera and lidarsensor and, as leaks are shown already there’sgoing to be lots of changes and modificationsto those camera setup.

On the back of the actualiphone 13 pro then for battery size, we get a bumpup over the iphone 12 pro in the latest. Leaks thatwe’ve had and we’re going to be getting a 3095milliamp battery now for prices. The leaks are abit over the place to be fair, so i’ve taken thisfrom one reference, so this could change. Subject: tocloser to the launch of the actual iphone 13 proso starting out we’re going to be getting a 128gigabyte option, but we’ll start up 1049 us dollars256 gigabytes for 1149, usd 512 gigabytes for 1349us dollars and then finally, one terabyte for 1549 us dollars now. Moving on to the iphone 13 pro maxthere are a lot of shared features with the iphone13 pro, for example, like chipset and ram size whati’ll get on to in a second, but one of the main bigdifferences has got to be the screen size.

So againwe’re going to be getting that sort of 6.78 screenand, it’s going to be an ltpo oled display andagain. This is that new type of screen technologywhat, i discussed with the iphone 13 pro theresolution on this display – is going to be 2770by 1280 and again it’s going to be finally gettinga pro motion. 120 hertz display as many leaks haveshown. This again storage sizes are very similarto.

The 13 pro where we get 128 gigabytes, 256gigabyte, 512 gigabytes and finally, a one terabytestorage option, as we have seen in previous leakswe’re, also getting an a15 bionic chipset againwhat. I spoke about and saying that we’ve hadlots of leaks and lots of details about howthat’s all gon na work and also 5g connectivitywith, an actual modem borrowed from qualcomminside it again. Six gigabytes of ram againthat, stainless steel frame body very similar tothe 13 pro max, but, like i said it’s like in the13 pro, it’s going to be slightly thickeraccording to some new leaks because it’sgoing to accommodate for a bigger battery insideon the rear. We do have that triple camera andlidar sensor and all of those different bits. Andpieces have been upgraded, as we’ve seen in leaksand, then again battery size is going to be biggerat 4352 milliamps for price.

Again starting withgigabyte storage option. That’S going tostart at 1149, us dollars; 256 gigabytes for 1349, 512 gigabytes for 1449, us dollars and finallyone terabyte the newest storage option for 1 649so, as per usual with this list of features i’llbe keeping it updated as more leaks, come on in allthe way up to The iphone 13 launch. Well, it’s timeto wrap this up. So don’t forget. If you have likethis video to press the like button and of courseto, hear the latest iphone news, apple news, reviewsand comparisons, please do hit subscribe, followedby the bell until next time guys see you soon.

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