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There is no doubt that iPhone 13 will be a monster success for Apple, but Google, on the other hand, has a lot riding on the Pixel 6! In this video, I ll be comparing these phones based on the leaks and see which one has a leg up over the other. Before we get started, be sure to hit that like button, comment which phone you are most excited about and subscribe to help me reach 500 subs! Previous Pixel phones have always been bland in design.

But when the Pixel 6 came to light, everyone was shocked. No one was ready to believe that this is what Google was doing. Not because it didn t look good but because Google had never been so bold with their designs. Nonetheless, it s safe to say that when Pixel 6 releases, it is going to be unlike any other phone in the market.

The iPhone 13, on the other hand, is playing it safe. Well, Apple always plays it safe. The only differentiating feature between the iPhone 12 and 13 is the camera setup which I am sure is good enough for most people. The one thing I do have doubt about in the Pixel 6 is the build quality. Past pixel phones have been subject to various quality control issues and hopefully Google does better with the Pixel 6.

When it comes to displays, Google has drastically improved ever since the Pixel 2 XL display fiasco and the Pixel 3 s bathtub notch. The Pixel 6 is expected to feature a 6.4-inch AMOLED panel with a 90hz refresh rate, an under-display fingerprint scanner, and a single hole punch selfie camera.

The iPhone 13 is going to feature the same display as the iPhone 12 but with one major change. After 4 years of the same sized notch, Apple has finally decided to reduce its size. The display will still be 60hz but with Apple calibration and touch sampling rate, that shouldn t be a major issue for most people.

One thing Google should improve in the Pixel 6 is the brightness level. Up until this point, Pixel phones have had lackluster brightness! Battery department is where the Pixel 6 seems to easily defeat the iPhone 13.

That is at least on paper. While the Pixel 6 is expected to feature a 4500mAh cell, the iPhone 13 is going to feature a 3100mAh brick. Obviously, the Pixel 6 has a larger display along with a 90 hz refresh rate, but even then, I think the phone should be able to outlast iPhone 13.

But then again, it all depends on how well Google can optimize the Tensor chip. After years of using the same camera sensor, Google finally came into senses and decided to use a larger 50mp sensor in the Pixel 6 along with a 16mp Ultra-wide camera.

With the tensor chip, Google promises even better pictures than before and claims that Pixel 6 can shoot better video than the iPhone 12 Pro since it s the first time a Pixel phone can use Google s photo algorithm and apply it to video.

But we ll have to wait and see how much of it is actually true. The iPhone 13 on the other hand is also expected to get a bigger sensor along with other camera improvements. As far as I can see, the race between the Pixel 6 and iPhone 13 is going to be really tight this year.

Based on the leaks so far, I d say the Pixel 6 is looking more exciting that the iPhone 13. That is until the phones release and I can get my hands on them! Once that happens, we can compare the prices, speaker quality, cameras, build quality and much more! I do hope Google doesn t end up overpricing the Pixel 6.

I am thinking $800 is going to be the starting price for the Pixel 6 which is exactly the same as the iPhone 13.

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