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Shiba Inu Price Prediction 2021 | Accumulation is Almost Finished For Shib Coin


Shiba Inu Price Prediction 2021 | Accumulation is Almost Finished For Shib Coin

Ship or shiba have been going sideways for a whileso. Are we going to see an up movement soonthat’s? What we’ll find out today stay tuned, hey everyone! Welcome back to the channel thisis king, your host, and today’s video is for pureeducational purposes.

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Nextyou can also follow me on twitter, andinstagram and i’ll leave the links foryou below and now, let’s look at the chart, so this is shiba’s daily chartand, as you can see over hereafter the initial great performance thatshiva done going.

All the way to 0.0035, the price has gone down, retraced, andstarted, consolidating since then nowone thing i can say here for sure that we aredefinitely going to go up and break this stopright over here, and the reason is, if that does nothappen.

The three wave structure is not going tocomplete and, as i always tell you in my videosthe market, always moves in waves and the leaststructure is three ways which includes animpulse a correction and then an impulseso. In this structure we had an initial impulse.

Andthis is a correction, so, in order for the structureto be complete, we’ll have to go up and at leastbreak this stop over here, but how soon is thisgoing to happen. This is what we’ll be tryingto answer today. So since shiba has pulled backto this level, it has entered a consolidation. Oraccumulation range, to be honest with you, thiswas, not an easy structure. To figure out becausethis is what we call a complicated correctionbut.

Eventually, i managed to figure out how thisstructure was broken and i’ll explain to younow, so this accumulation range that we haveover here is a three wave accumulation rangehowever each one of these waves is broken, intoanother three waves, so it has one two three wavesbut each one of These has three waves inside ofit.

This has three, and this has three and this hasthree as well, the first one being this pieceover here, which includes one two, three wavesand, the second one, which is the secondwave of the overall correction that has onetwo and three waves and the last and third onewhich is Not yet complete has one wave onlyand. The second wave is not yet sure if thisis complete – or it still has a little bit ofdown movement to go further. So eventually whenthis pattern is complete. It’S going to be onetwo and three and right at that point, when thethird wave is complete.

That’S when we can startlooking for a breakout outside the overallrange and the new up movement. Now, as i toldyou earlier, the last and the third wave part of itis already complete, which is the very first piecenow. Ideally, we should get a second and the thirdwave before the overall structure is complete. Sowe are in front of two optionshere either this down movementwas. The second wave and now we’re on our way, toform, the third one.

That’S the first option or thesecond wave is not yet complete and we stillhave downwards movement until we touch thisarea again, and then we form the third one soas soon. As one of these scenarios happen, we canconsider the overall structure as complete and wecan start looking for a breakout of this range. Ipersonally think that we could get a further downmovement from this point, because bitcoin doesn’tseem to have completed its correction. Yet so wecould likely see the price drop down towards thisaccumulation range, where all the big money havebeen buying around.

So if you can see all thesegreen arrows, this is where all the smart moneyhave been placing their position and if it dropsdown here, that’s probably going to be the lastpoint of accumulation where smart money wouldbe buying and as soon as we touch this area, overhere we’re likely To see a retracement and mostprobably, there will be a breakout this time butanyways.

I could be wrong about this. Let me knowwhat, do you think, do you think shiba is ready, tobreak out this accumulation range or do you thinkthere will be a little bit more accumulation tellme in the comments below this?

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